5 Things You Need To Know About Raising Pygmy Goats

Pygmy goats are amazing animals. They are smaller than domestic goats and can actually be a lot more fun. There are a few things you should know if you are deciding to raise pygmy goats.  We’ve compiled a list of five things that will help you in your pygmy goat journey.

  1. They are considered herd animals:

Pygmy goats are primarily raised as pets. Because of this some people choose to only raise one of them. What many don’t understand is that these goats are considered heard animals and don’t always fare well alone. When making the decision to raise this animal it is always best for them to be raised in pairs.

    2) They don’t need a big shelter/house:

Unlike average sized goats, pygmy goats do not need a big shelter. In fact, if you are only going to have a few of them, dog houses will work great and in some cases, a single big dog house will work. If you live in a colder climate, a small shed would be a perfect shelter for the winter months.

3) They love to play:

Pygmy goats are very active. It is best to keep items in the yard for them to run, jump, and play on, much like a child. They love dirt mounds, stumps, and even teeter-totters! These items allow them to stay active and healthy. It also keeps them busy and out of “trouble”.

    4) They need to be fenced in:

Fencing in the pygmies is not only great as a safety precaution for your belongings (the little stinkers can really cause some damage when they get loose and jump on things!), but also for their protection. Wild dogs and other animals prey on pygmies because of their size so it is important that they be protected as much as possible.  Having a fence with sturdy wiring keeps them in and keeps the bad animals out.

    5) They need proper food:

Ideally, pastures are the best for pygmy goats. The fresh natural grass is what they really need. If you do not have pasture or have access to pasture, you can buy grass and hay for them.  You just need to make sure the grass is of good quality. It is important that they always have fresh clean water as well. Iodized salt blocks for them to lick on as they choose, are also important.

Pygmy goats are a lot of fun to have around. They remind me a lot of children with their playful ways (cue the reason they need items to jump and clown around on). They make wonderful pets and are really a delight to raise and watch grow (although it can be nerve wrecking at times!). It is also wise to have their horns removed when they are young. This will not only save you some unwanted bruising from their head butts, but it will help prevent them from getting stuck in fencing and other tough places.

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